The Children of God Collection

Behind the Scenes

Why I Created This Collection

Just before I started creating with mixed media, I was so depressed and disconnected physically, emotionally & spiritually. I was pregnant with my first baby. Before this I had an amazing career as a fashion and editorial photographer, that I absolutely loved. My depression was a mixture of pregnancy shortly after I had just gotten married, moved to a different state away from where I had 2 thriving businesses and my family and friends... oh and did I mention I was sick ALL THE TIME with my pregnancy.  I felt a loss of identity and missed my career and creating. It was after my first baby was born that I started shooting again.

Art Collection

The Children of God Collection

I felt such a lift of my depression when I was creating and realized that "Creating" was my spiritual language with God. I knew I wanted to create more...but I wanted to do something with my art that helped others and bring awareness to those in need. That was when I came up with the idea for this collection. The Children of God Collection. Images the depicted Christ in modern day, real life experiences... some happy and some sad. I wanted them to have a fine art feel and look to them, but I wanted to use photography so that Jesus would appear so real that children would look at them and know Jesus existed and He was there for them. These images would show that through Jesus Christ all things are possible. That we are all children of God and that He is there for each and every one of us. In serving others and creating this collection I found myself uplifted. I learned the importance for me to always be creating and helping others. I was truly lost...Creating these images literally pulled me out of my deep depression and help me find Jesus in my life again as I hope it will help you do the same.