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10/28/10 | Category: Concert

New Concert performance of

“The Miracle of America, Birth of a Nation”,

on November 20th, 2010 in Mesa, AZ
ticket sells start on

Thursday, October 28th at noon.

After our Billings Montana show we received this amazing letter of recommendation from Pastor Paul Jones of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, Billings, Montana. He is talking directly to other church leaders, but we fill it is for all, especially those who are a leader in one way or another…parents, teachers, older siblings etc.

We would love to share it with you.

Dear fellow church leader,

It is my profound belief that America is in tremendous need of a resurgence of the characteristics that once made her great. These include an acknowledgement of a Divine Creator God who is bigger than we are ourselves. It includes recognition that He has instituted eternal principles that govern every aspect of our lives and it includes a renewal of the spirit of love and dedication to our fellow man.

As a pastor and shepherd of an evangelical church, I am fully aware that there are many various churches, denominations, and faith traditions represented in these United States. But it is this very freedom, which provides for our religious differences, that is now in jeopardy. If anyone is going to stand to defend this liberty it must begin with pastors and church leaders.

So in order for Americans to safeguard our individual religious distinctives we are going to have to come together at a place of commonality and unity. That place can be found in the message of Captured Miracles. We hosted the concert Miracle of America, Birth of a Nation and it communicated these truths in a powerful way that it would have taken me more than 100 sermons. Beautiful music and art combined with a multi-media presentation has a way of moving the heart and speaking to the spirit in a unique and lasting manner.

I believe it is part of your responsibility as shepherd to protect the religious liberty of your flock. Captured Miracles is an organization that will assist you in this. They will actually do it in such a way that your people will thank you for a very long time. I know that many things come across the desk of a pastor, but if this does not become one of your priorities, you may one day lose the very freedom that you neglect to defend.

Connect with Captured Miracles today and see how they can assist you in communicating the faith principles that made America great . . . so that we, together, can keep America great.


Paul Jones Ph.D.
Lead Pastor
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Billings, Montana

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