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12/13/12 | Category: Luke 2, Promotions, Winners

Last month I asked anyone that would like to submit an entry to help name some of the Luke 2 Collection images, to send in a submission. Here are 2 of the winners. Thank you Lisa Woodland submitted “Provide” for image 5, and Abby Heap submitted “Perfect Lamb” for image 14 of Luke 2. We are mailing out their free signed prints tomorrow. 🙂

I am open to  submission titles of any of my works. If you have a title that you would like to submit and I like it better then what I have or don’t have:) titled, email it to or  place a comment on the site about it. Winners will receive a signed print of that image as a thank you from myself and the Captured Miracles Team.

Helen Thomas Robson

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