Best Day EVER!!!

12/20/12 | Category: E-book, Helen Thomas Robson Entry, Luke 2, Promotions

My husband, Rusty, and I wanted to give you a gift that you can share on Christmas with your friends and family. A FREE e-book  called “Excerpts from Luke 2 A King is Born.”

In addition to that, my husband found this amazing video on the Christmas Story that we wanted to share with you. What I love most about it, (besides the adorable little children dressed as sheep with sheep skin rugs on their backs and fabric horns) is that it is The BEST Day Ever, the day Christ was born, told and re-enacted by children. It’s a perfect example of people (including children) using their talents to strengthen others and share the true meaning of Christmas.

These two together (Free E-book and Video) are a perfect combination to share with your friends and family on  The Best Day EVER!!! Christmas…the day that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas to you and your families.


The Robson Family

P.S. Scroll down for FREE E-book link and to view “The Christmas Story” video.

CLICK HERE to get your FREE E-book


View “The Christmas Story” by St Paul Art and Media


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