Introducing the new Power-Shift Collection

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This is a new collection of images and inspirational and motivational posters. To inspire the power-shift within each one of us to accomplish our purpose and passions in life. Stay tuned for more images to come that will shift you into the life you have always wanted for you and your family.

I decided to start with my most popular image “My Friend”. I have received thousands of emails, posts, messages, comments, call and letters sharing with me the spiritual, emotional and physical shifts that this image has brought in changing lives. I felt it was only right to start the collection of with this as the first poster. Posters will be available for purchase on our website soon. My Firend_Power-Shift Collection_HTRobson

Merry Christmas From our Family to Yours

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Luke 2 Advent Day 12 #ASaviorIsBorn

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When the cast, crew and I were shooting this scene I was absolutely blown away at how peaceful not just the set was, and the people there…we had a ton of people there(Family members of the cast and crew were there too. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were 25-30 people watching this scene take place.) but how peaceful our little baby Jesus was. He was only a few days old and he did not cry one time. This scene and all the shots we did, including the time it took to get the donkey in the cave…which is not a easy task…took at least a couple hours. Our little baby Jesus, was awake for most of it, and just peacefully waited and laid there. Sometimes he slept, as seen in some of the shots.

This shot “Son of Man” is a moment I will not forget. When I saw it happening through my lens I quickly checked my camera praying I got the shot. I DID!!! I was so excited. I knew it would be one of the few shots I would create the collection with. What I loved about this shot is that it made Christ seem more real to me. That he did things like I did and like my own babies did…like Yawning! Have you ever thought of that before? That Christ yawned, that as a baby he cried, and laughed and as a young boy did the same. That he probably fell down and scraped his knee or had a wrestling match with his father Joseph and siblings. That he was a young boy doing boy things too? When I saw that yawn, it reminded me that yes he is the literal “Son of God”, but he was also the “Son of Man” too. It made me feel closer to him. For he knows what it is like to be not only God, but man too. He knows how I feel when I am hurt and sad, or when I am happy. That he is not just there for me, but feels for me too. I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven for sending me a big brother to not only watch and protect over me, but to help fight my battles with and for me.



Luke 2 Advent Day 11 #ASaviorIsBorn

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I love this shot of the “Holy Family”, it is one of my favorites of the collection because it has so much emotion and love that you fill coming from it. As a new young mother one can only imagine what was going through her heart and mind at this moment in time. Not only her but Joseph too. I’m sure they had learned so many life changing lessons in their journey to this point, and of course so many more ahead of them that they could never imagine, including that of the sacrifice their sweet baby would make for all of us 33 years later.


Here is a couple of thoughts to ponder on.

  • What do you think Mary and Joseph learned about God through all the events surrounding Jesus’ birth? (Mary saw God provide her a husband when all hope seemed lost; Joseph learned that obedience to God kept his family safe.)
  • What is God teaching you right now, to help prepare you for the year ahead?

Luke 2 Advent Day 10 #ASaviorIsBorn

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When we were preparing for this photoshoot we found some really interesting information. As you may notice the manger in this scene is not made of wood but is made of stone. Back in those days wood was considered very rare and because of that it was expensive. A person using wood to hold food to feed animals with would of never happened. They more then likely would of carved something out of stone or made something from a type of mud/cement type container to feed animals with. We found some examples of what that would of looked like and constructed this manger to replicate our findings.



Luke 2 Advent Day 9 #ASaviorIsBorn

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Luke 2 Advent Day 8 #ASaviorIsBorn

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This is one of my favorite images from the whole collection. Can you imagine the joy that was felt in this moment? I can just hear the midwife calling out the Joseph… “Come Joseph, come!!”

It was Jewish custom in those days that the men were not part of the birth. The only time that would be the case is if they were stranded somewhere and there was literally no one else around. It is thought that the midwife that helped Mary with the birth more then likely was the Innkeepers wife.

Luke 2 Advent Day 7 #ASaviorIsBorn

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Have you ever stopped to think about what this whole experience was like for Joseph? The thoughts he was having. These are big shoes to fill, being the earthly father or the Son of God. The man that will help to shape who he is and will become. I can not even imagine what it must of been like. Also the amazing man he was to take on such a task to begin with. What a blessing Joseph is to us all. He played a huge role in raising the One that saved us all. God Bless you Joseph.

Luke 2 Advent Day 6 #ASaviorIsBorn

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I was told that it was a 4 day walk for Mary and Joseph to travel to Bethlehem. Wow, can you imagine being 9 months pregnant and riding on a donkey?

What do you think that they talked about on that journey? Please share with us your thoughts of what you think it was.

Luke 2 Christmas Advent Days 1-5

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I am going to be doing 2 different Christmas Advents that are 12 days each. Thanks to I have these to share with you. 13 images of My Luke 2 collection was chosen to be a part of a non denomination advent social media campaign #ASaviorIsBorn . So I decided I’m going to use it on mine too and share it with you all. The first 12 days will be the advent with my images and the 2nd 12 day advent will be this totally fun interactive advent for families. With recipes, crafts and scriptures to do with your family and friends. Can’t wait for you to see them all. I will post the first 4 days now and the rest you can come back and see each day. So much fun!!!!