“Captured Miracles” photo post…Post some yourself!!!

05/10/11 | Category: Daily Captured Miracle

I have been wanting to do this for a while and decide the other day to just start. . . A “Daily Captured Miracle” with my camera and then post them on the blog. I guess in a way it’s like counting blessings and recognizing all the amazing miracles in my life…big and small.

With being a mom of little ones and having my arms full most the time, don’t be surprised if most the pictures are taken with my iphone camera instead of my nice Digital SLR. But you know, those daily miracles that happen most of the time are not planned at all…so a camera phone is ideal for this situation. It makes it more real.

I don’t want to be hogging this new creative adventure all to myself. I want to invite all of you to join me in the fun and submit your own “Captured Miracles”. If you have a “miracle” that you have “captured” with your camera or camera phone. . . email the picture with the explanation of the miracle, your name and state. From the entries we will be selecting the best “Captured Miracles” to post on our blog. Our goal is to post one a day. It will be great to see miracles and blessing from all over our great nation.  Email your entry to Info@capturedmiracles.org with “Daily Captured Miracle Entry” in the subject line.

I will start:)

I posted these two already on my brand new🙂 personal facebook Helen Thomas Robson like page(Click Here) and on our Captured Miracles like page (Click Here)so you may of already seen them if you are on there. If you are not yet…come join. Stop by and Click Like for them both…oh yes and our Twitter (Click Here) as well.

My 1st “Captured Miracles” photo “The Miracle of the Imagination” photo post.

My little man decided that he wanted to finger paint without telling mommy. Here’s my little cowboy/ Incredible Hulk. Love the sleeping mask and new big boy Thomas the ChooChoo Train underpants… Yeah almost completely done with diapers!!!! That should count as another “Captured Miracle”!!!

#2 “Captured Miracles” photo post “The Miracle of Joy”.

We are at our good friend Joylin Smith funeral today. Although her life was filled with trials with her health. She is a true Miracle of living life with no guile, unconditional love, and never having judgment towards anyone or thing. Til we meet again Joylin.

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