Casting Call for New Photo Collection

10/21/10 | Category: Photoshoot

I am currently looking for talent to be in my next collection. This shoot will be for a Christmas Concert Collection…on the Birth and Life of Christ….So manger scene to the Garden of Gethsemane and the Crusifiction.

I am looking for:

NEW BORNĀ  for the role of BABY JESUS

Needs to be around 1 week to 3 weeks old…for when we do the shoot on friday, Nov 5th. The NEWER the better:)

medium brown to dark brown hair…or bald:) works too


-Men with longer hair (a little over the ears to shoulder length…so that is has a time period look to it of the time of Christ)

-Who can grow a pretty good beard by Nov 4th.

-These men need to have darker features …olive to medium skin, medium brown to dark brown hair…a Jewish look to them.

The shoots will take place in Gilbert and Queen Creek, AZ on Nov 4th-5th…most of the talent will not be used on both days…or all day for that matter…most will be used for one to two shoots that will be taking place on one of these two days.

To apply/addition: email us at

with “Talent info for Christmas Collection Shoot” in the header

email your name, age, and contact info with photographs…

-two headshots front and side view

-one full length shot.

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