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Introducing the new Power-Shift Collection

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This is a new collection of images and inspirational and motivational posters. To inspire the power-shift within each one of us to accomplish our purpose and passions in life. Stay tuned for more images to come that will shift you into the life you have always wanted for you and your family.

I decided to start with my most popular image “My Friend”. I have received thousands of emails, posts, messages, comments, call and letters sharing with me the spiritual, emotional and physical shifts that this image has brought in changing lives. I felt it was only right to start the collection of with this as the first poster. Posters will be available for purchase on our website soon. My Firend_Power-Shift Collection_HTRobson

Christmas in September!!!

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This Labor Day Weekend, we will be celebrating by offering a”Christmas in September Sale”.

Get your Christmas Cards along with your Christmas Gifts all in one stop. Something unique and different this Christmas season. Art from the heart.

On-line sales will go from Friday, Sept 4th to Monday, September 7th.

To order visit our galleries to select images you want. Then visit our “Sales Page” to select sizes and styles.

All orders must be made by phone for this special reduced price. You may call our gallery number at 931-614-0061 or text 480-652-7997. You may also email ( your order. Please include a phone number, and we will call you back with your total and for payment.


Open House CMP Gallery Sale, Saturday, Sept 5th and Monday, Sept 7th from 10am-1pm EST.

If you would like to visit our CMP Gallery Open House. Doors are open on Saturday, Sept 5th and Monday, Sept 7th from 10am-1pm EST.

Our location is at 416 Shawcroft, Fayetteville, NC, 28311.


All our new images including our CM Kids images and greeting cards for the holidays, will be available to order.

Enjoy Christmas Shopping!!


Labor day sale_web

CM Kids Gallery

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We are so excited to bring you our new Gallery titled. “Captured Miracles Kids”.

This Gallery is features the amazing miracles captured by children of all ages. Monies made from the sales of these images, will go to the individual child artists, to help them further develop their artistic talents, and continue to bring miracles into this world through art. If you have a miracle of your own that you would like to submit artwork for our CM Kids Gallery, please email us at, with “CM Kids Submission” in the subject line.

CM Kids Gallery Rotator Ad_web

“Going Home” and “One Nation Under God” now available to purchase

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We are so excited to make available to you for purchase. Earn FREE SHIPPING for orders over $150

“Going Home”

(purchased images will not have watermarks)

Going Home_Final Stage 5x7

“One Nation Under God”

4 Final image

For Special Pricing on these new images, please refer to the “Order Here” tab on our menu

Last month’s winner AND Enter to WIN a FREE signed print by submitting a title for our newest image

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Enter to win a FREE signed print by submitting a title for our newest image.

We have a winner for our “Image Naming” contest from last month.

“One Nation Under God” Submitted by Christie Wall, of Pueblo, CO.

There were others who also sent in the same title after Christie’s submission… they will win a smaller signed print of the image as well.

4 Final image


Now for the newest image…as of August 3rd that is.:) Details below this image.

Newest Image _ 8-3-15

Enter our contest on naming this New Original Creation through Digital Media by Helen Thomas Robson

Hint to winning the contest: We are looking for a name that is a common phrase that has great search engine results, and fits the spirit of the work.


Winner will receive a FREE 11×14 signed print of the image.

ALSO we want your feed back on the direction the image should face. Place your vote by commenting  and liking our facebook page here.


Option A

newest image_layers_8_3_15_sm



Option B

newest image_layers_sm right 8_3_15

EXTENDED Sale 50-70% off at event or online

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50 70 off Promo_rotator ad

We’ve had several requests to extend the Open House Art Sale, as well as offer the sale to out of town customers online…So here you go.

The response and attendance was amazing. We still have a great selection of images prints, canvases, and books available and looking for a new home. ūüôā

If you are out of town and not able to attend our event you are welcome to call, email or message us with your order. We will be posting images that are available for purchase all week, as well as having an open house for locals to come experience the images in person and grab your great finds.

We invite you to give a gift or become an art collector of Captured Miracle images.:)

Open house is
Fri, Nov. 21st, 1pm-7pm
Sat, Nov. 22th, 10am-8pm

To take advantage of this Sale Online All orders must be made Wed, Nov 19th – Sat, Nov 21st –¬† by Email, FB Message, & phone excepted all week until Saturday
for information call/text 480-652-7997/

To Become Parents (of The Savior)

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I had been carrying this child in my womb for 9 months and 2 days.

I reflected on the moments when I was by myself, and would look down at my enormously pregnant belly, wrap my arms around it, and tearfully smile for how excited I was to meet the tiny boy growing inside of me. He would be a brand new person, unlike anyone else who had ever walked on this earth. I wondered what he would look like–the color of his hair, his eyes, the shape of his chin, his ears, his hands and feet. Would he resemble me at all? Or would he look more like his father?

It was time to find out.

As I lay there feeling my abdomen contract, I concentrated on my breath. The pain radiated down through my legs and was so excruciating that I couldn’t keep silent. I pushed like everything depended on it. I pushed as hard as I could, and then pushed harder. Capillaries in my eyes burst from the strain. Again and again for over an hour, I yelled and cried as I exhausted every ounce of strength I possessed to bring that infant into this world.

Tears streamed down my face as he was laid on my chest. He was full of life and energy, crying and flailing about in this foreign environment. I held him close and wept for joy. The moment I spoke he quieted down and turned his face to look at mine. My son knew my voice!

I had joined the ranks of motherhood, a position revered and respected by God himself.

I suddenly came to understand God’s love for me on a new level as I felt my love for my own child overwhelm me. As I held my infant boy in my arms for that first time, I knew I had been given a beautiful gift that would change me forever. I also knew that I had a great responsibility placed upon my shoulders. God saw fit to entrust this specific child to me, to love and to teach him. As much as he was His, he was now mine too.

–Janae Pettit ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

IMG 129 sm


What must it have been like to become parents of the Savior of mankind?

In her fair beauty and innocence, Mary had been shunned by all upon finding herself pregnant prior to her marriage. Surely it appeared to be something it wasn’t, and she was judged harshly by others for those circumstances. But she knew who she was, who her Father in Heaven was, and who she gave birth to on that remarkable day many centuries ago. She had a faith and an understanding unlike anything anyone else will ever be required to have.

And what of Joseph’s experience? Engaged to be married to a beautiful woman whom he had come to care deeply about, and to endure the criticisms and cruelty of others who assumed the worst of him. He may have had fears, second thoughts, or doubts, as any mortal man would, but Joseph remained loyal and faithful to Mary. His unwavering faith in God’s plan demonstrated admirable courage and humility.¬†This son was not even his own flesh and blood, yet Joseph honorably filled the role as Christ’s earthly father.


Those exact impressions and tender moments are portrayed in Helen’s Luke 2 Collection. The perfectly captured images provide more than a simple holiday card. They serve as an exquisite reminder of the truth and purpose behind our Christmas celebrations. They offer a glimpse into what were perhaps the dearest and sweetest moments in the lives of Mary and Joseph. This season is the perfect time to invite the Spirit and light presented by these images into your life and the lives of those you love.

For a limited time, Helen is offering a free signed 4×6 print of the above portrait from this Captured Miracles Luke 2 collection. Additionally, when you request your free print, you’ll be emailed a 10% off promo code for prints and Christmas card purchases through December 25th. We hope you’ll take advantage of this wonderful offer before it ends!¬†Click here to do so.

Article “3 Open Minutes with Helen Thomas Robson”

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Last year I was contacted by Progressive Dairyman Magazine, about using “Tender Moments” from the “Luke 2” Collection as the cover art for their 2012 December magazine issue. Then a couple of weeks ago they interviewed me for their “3 Open Minutes” article they do each month in their magazine. I do have to say it was one of the best most professional interviews that I have had. I am really impressed with their publication.¬†Here is the article in JPG format and a link to their site. Go check it out. Tell us what you think. ūüôā


Luke 2 Art Collection and Music Video

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We were hoping to have this out earlier for Christmas…but with the huge response to the new collection in print orders for Christmas we were not able to get it done in time. It is finished now…even though it is now New Years we thought it would be a great way to launch the New Year off. Here is a new Music Video featuring the Luke 2 Fine Art Photography Collection by Helen Thomas Robson, and the amazing musical talents of Kirsten Millsap (vocalist) and William Joseph (pianist) performing “Lullaby of the Angels” from their CD album “The Parting Glass”. (Which we are working on getting this CD in our on-line store in the near future)

New Luke 2 Images in Homes Across America

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We have had an amazing response to our new “Luke 2 ” images in homes across America. We would love to hear from you. If you have received or bought a “Luke 2 ” image and have it displayed in your home we would love to hear from you.

Email us at and include in it a testimonial of what it has been like to have it in your home as well as your name (full name or first name and last initial) and city and state you live in. ALSO please include a picture you have taken of the image displayed in your home.

Special thanks to Paige English and Shannon Brown

“The “Luke 2″ photos arrived this evening and they are absolutely stunning. I’m so happy to be able to give them as gifts and I know they will be treasured by the recipients and displayed year after year. ¬†Thank you for producing such lovely works of art and for working with me to get them ordered and in my hands when I needed them. ¬†I know I’ll be ordering from you again in the future!”

Paige English – Saint Helen’s, OR

Paige then gifted a Luke 2 image to Shannon who wrote and sent in this picture.
“I received this beautiful print as a gift from a friend and I love that I have yet another tangible, visible reminder of the Savior’s birth displayed in my home this Christmas season. ¬†The love and tenderness that is shown by Mary & Joseph reminds me to have a little more patience with my children so that we can also feel the peace that this portrait portrays.

Shannon Brown — Saint Helen’s, OR