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Introducing the new Power-Shift Collection

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This is a new collection of images and inspirational and motivational posters. To inspire the power-shift within each one of us to accomplish our purpose and passions in life. Stay tuned for more images to come that will shift you into the life you have always wanted for you and your family.

I decided to start with my most popular image “My Friend”. I have received thousands of emails, posts, messages, comments, call and letters sharing with me the spiritual, emotional and physical shifts that this image has brought in changing lives. I felt it was only right to start the collection of with this as the first poster. Posters will be available for purchase on our website soon. My Firend_Power-Shift Collection_HTRobson

Christmas in September!!!

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This Labor Day Weekend, we will be celebrating by offering a”Christmas in September Sale”.

Get your Christmas Cards along with your Christmas Gifts all in one stop. Something unique and different this Christmas season. Art from the heart.

On-line sales will go from Friday, Sept 4th to Monday, September 7th.

To order visit our galleries to select images you want. Then visit our “Sales Page” to select sizes and styles.

All orders must be made by phone for this special reduced price. You may call our gallery number at 931-614-0061 or text 480-652-7997. You may also email ( your order. Please include a phone number, and we will call you back with your total and for payment.


Open House CMP Gallery Sale, Saturday, Sept 5th and Monday, Sept 7th from 10am-1pm EST.

If you would like to visit our CMP Gallery Open House. Doors are open on Saturday, Sept 5th and Monday, Sept 7th from 10am-1pm EST.

Our location is at 416 Shawcroft, Fayetteville, NC, 28311.


All our new images including our CM Kids images and greeting cards for the holidays, will be available to order.

Enjoy Christmas Shopping!!


Labor day sale_web

CM Kids Gallery

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We are so excited to bring you our new Gallery titled. “Captured Miracles Kids”.

This Gallery is features the amazing miracles captured by children of all ages. Monies made from the sales of these images, will go to the individual child artists, to help them further develop their artistic talents, and continue to bring miracles into this world through art. If you have a miracle of your own that you would like to submit artwork for our CM Kids Gallery, please email us at, with “CM Kids Submission” in the subject line.

CM Kids Gallery Rotator Ad_web

“Going Home” and “One Nation Under God” now available to purchase

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We are so excited to make available to you for purchase. Earn FREE SHIPPING for orders over $150

“Going Home”

(purchased images will not have watermarks)

Going Home_Final Stage 5x7

“One Nation Under God”

4 Final image

For Special Pricing on these new images, please refer to the “Order Here” tab on our menu

Be Ye Prepared

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Be Ye Prepared Final image

(Click Here to Purchase)

I just finished this new image of the 10 virgins, I am calling it “Be Ye Prepare”. Each of the virgins have an oil lantern, 5 with oil and 5 without oil in the lantern…but I took artistic license and included an essential oil in each of their possessions. These EO’s were used for healing and given as valuable gifts in Bible times. Through my studies I found that there are 12 oils of the bible. Yes we only have 10 virgins so I have each virgin holding a plant of the EO or a container representing it. Then the last 2 oils I have represented as trees in the image.

Can you name the 12 oils used?

Yes of course you know…Frankincense, Myrrh

then there is… Sandalwood, Cassia, Cedarwood, Cypress, Galbanum, Hyssop, Myrtle, Onycha, Rose of Sharon and Spikenard,

Well, on with my story:)…the last 8 months I have been using and teaching classes on essential oils. I am SOOOO impressed with the healing properties that they have, and have been studying out the science behind them. I am so blown away…why don’t we know about these in our society? Why isn’t this common knowledge? So in my already way too busy life, I have made it a focus to share them with others through education (new site coming soon…  for now class schedule is on Facebook like page under “events”) and bringing awareness and interest to them through my art. Really, once you know and understand how to use essential oils (EO) and get the results you do from them…and experience that they work faster, better and less cost then so many other things out there….and no side effects. (FYI they need to be 100% pure,(the best I found are here) that means even pregos you can ingest them…which I did… and you are good to go)…it’s way hard not telling others about them.

What amazes me and I love so much is that they heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Wait a minute!!! I do need take a second and give credit to my hubby, he actually started the wheels turning with this idea of the including the essential oils and with the ten virgins from the bible. Yes, I know it is olive oil in their lamps not essential oils, but it brought the subject to mind about how the Christ child was given Frankincense and Myrrh…WHY WAS THAT??? There had to be some reason they were given? Was there a spiritual reason as well? So it got me thinking, researching, learning and YES there is. Not only does Frankincense have healing properties that are so strong they are used to stop cancer (I can say this cause…one of my besties used it to get rid of her skin cancer on her face! Yes that’s right she did and it worked!!!) BUT emotionally they are amazing at releasing emotions, mentally it is used with alzheimer’s and schizophrenia among others mental issues. The one that I just loved hearing and learning is that they used it during the bible times to create clearer communication with God the Father. WOW!!! I remember thinking “Of course it would be given to the Christ child, even if it was just for that one reason alone…right!!!”

I personally started using Frankincense myself and noticed my hormones leveling out. After just having a baby that was a big one for me. No postpartum anymore. 🙂 yeah!!! BUT the one that I was not expecting, and it took me a week to realize,…I noticed that I was always praying and communicating with God, I was feeling so much closer to him. That praying felt more free flowing and natural then I had ever experienced before. I caught myself and thought, “I’ve been doing this all week”. That is when I realized it all started after I had started taking an oil blend every day that has a ton of Frankincense in it. I feel a spiritual enlightenment constantly and a calm peacefulness all day when I use it. I have noticed this cause I ran out 3 days ago and YES, I and my family are noticing a difference (postpartum). I couldn’t figure it out…why I was feeling different then before and that is when I realized it… Boy I can’t wait for my EO order to get here. 🙂

I do have some big plans for this image “Be Ye Prepared” in enlightening and sharing spiritual insight of this parable and it’s valuable message of being prepared in all sense of the work. I am also excited to enlighten and share with you about the essential oils that are in the image too and how those oils or others that have the same properties can assist you in “Be Ye Prepared”.
So be sure to stay in touch with the site and our Facebook like page to see how we are going to share this with you in other ways, as well as a print you can hang on your wall.

Helen Thomas Robson

New Framing and Matting NOW Available…AND GREETING CARDS!!!

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I am very excited to announce that we now have framing and matting available when you purchase any of the images from my collections. I have been in search for this options for a long time and I am so happy to see it will be all ready for the Christmas season. Oh yes, I can’t forget to mention GREETING CARDS TOO!!!! We are still uploading the collections so they are available for you to purchase…so if you do not find your favorite image available in the storefront email me at and I will get it up for you right away.

Click here to VISIT OUR NEW STORE FRONT or you can click on STORE on the menu tab.