CM Team

The Captured Miracles Team

Helen Thomas Robson

Co-Founder & Fine Art Photographer

Helen Thomas Robson is the co-founder of Captured Miracles Productions along with her husband Rusty. As a mother of four children, Helen wanted to use her talents to create something of significance, making a difference not only in the lives of her children, but in the lives of all of God’s children.
Helen has 20 years of professional experience in the areas of fashion and commercial photography, as well as film. Combining this production background with a lifelong love of design, drawing and painting, she has created a unique style of fine art photography.


Rusty Robson

Co-Founder, Business and Marketing Strategist

After working in direct sales for 0ver 10 years and performing on stage as a drummer for 20 years, Rusty used his creativity and leadership experience to start a marketing firm specializing in branding, Internet marketing, direct response marketing, CRM integration, Word Press, social media, and live events. They specialized in building a targeted audience and enhancing on-line visibility for small to medium-sized businesses.

In 2011, Rusty felt a “call to serve,” and joined the U.S. Army as a combat medic. He’s a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, where he deployed to the Khost Province, Afghanistan.

 Authors & Talent

William “Bill” Norton

Constitution Instructor & Author/Narrator for “The Miracle of America”

As a volunteer for the National Center for Constitutional Studies since 2002, Bill has been updating educational curriculum and is currently a Making of America seminar instructor for the organization. He is chairman of the Arizona State Constitutional Commemoration Committee and co-founder of Constitution Week USA, the largest celebration of the Constitution in the nation.

Bill has owned a contracting company in Arizona since 1989 and resides in Gilbert, Arizona, with his wife and four children.

Brian P Trotter

Author of “The Miracle of America”

Brian and his wife Allison are also owners of an art gallery in Mesa, Arizona, that specializes in inspirational and historical art. He is an avid student of religious and American history. As father of six children, Brian has dedicated his life to the restoration—not reformation—of this country so that his children may enjoy the liberties and freedom which made America great.

(Photo coming soon)

Janae Pettit

Contributing Blogger & Editor

With a passion for art, photography, and writing, plus a truly American spirit, Janae strives to inspire others around her to improve themselves and find beauty and hope amid personal trials and nationwide difficulties. Together with her husband, she seeks to teach her toddler son dignity and high moral standards while enjoying a life filled with laughter, love, and happiness.

Along with contributing to The Miracle of America blog, she is the ambitious owner of the Better Blogger Network as well as her own blog, Gourmet by Janae. She also contributes to the inspirational Forward Walking blog, as well as to the Bring Books to Life blog.