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07/06/10 | Category: Art Exhibit, Concert

This past 4th of July weekend’s concert performances were amazing. Thank you to all of you that came out and supported the Art Exhibit and Concert. We had over 2000 people that saw the concert and even more that were able to see the art exhibit that was in the lobby. It was a great success.

Two of my most favorite comments from the event were these:

One little boy who is 6 yrs old, I would guess, came up to me with his big blue eyes and beaming with excitement he held up an 8×10 picture of my “Bullet Proof George Washington” print and as he was talking really fast and excitedly he asked “Did you know that George Washington was shot at 4 times and the bullets didn’t kill him?”

His mother corrected him that he was shot at 17 times and he turned to me and said “Oh yeah it was 17 times and they didn’t hit him. And I have my very own picture of it too” as he held it up to show me.

His mother then said with a big smile on her face that he loved that story in the concert and that he has been talking none stop and had to have a picture of it. That he now wants to learn everything he can about George Washington.

I was so excited to see and hear this from this little boy. My hope was that these concerts, the music, art and history being told would touch hearts of all ages to have a desire to learn of our history. I hoped that it would have an effect on children but I was not sure if it would or not, if it would be to mature for them. At that moment I knew that it was great for all ages.

I talked with a couple other kids this weekend and got similar responses. WOW, how the Lord works. It is amazing.

The other comment that I got was from my friend Rachel Evans, she helps me with a lot of my shoots. She had brought a friend that loved the concert and after seeing it said that she was so touched and inspired that she wants to learn more about our countries history.

Here is an email that I received this morning. From Susan Smith. She is the wife of Cary Smith a Representative in Montana. They heard about our concert and flew out especially to come and see it and see if it was something that they could bring up and have a performance in Montana. Thank you Susan and Cary we look forward to coming to Montana.

If you were at the concert we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment.

"...You can be very proud of your accomplishments. Your gifts and talents are amazing!
The presentation and artwork is inspiring and well done. BRAVO! 

When the whole group along with the drums, piano and violin sang the last song I
felt the spirit of the promise travel from head to foot and envelope my whole body. 

Testifying to me again with conviction the promise of a free nation that was founded
upon true principles by inspired men, our beloved Founding Fathers with power given
from on high by a loving and kind Heavenly Father. 

Freely given as an inheritance collectively promised if we will stand with courage
and commitment to the Almighty in our purpose as instruments in His hands; together
to preserve our freedom and liberty.

We feel it a privilege to have been there.

Let's set up a time when we can talk about what it would take to bring this
presentation to Billings and surrounding areas. 

Again, thank you.
Susan and Cary Smith"

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