Constitution Week Performance a Great Success…Onto Montana For Another Performance

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Elaina Carrera

As the cast scurried to put on the finishing touches to their makeup and costumes, you could feel the anticipation churn through the air in the room. Trails of melodic song filled the air as the vocalists made the best use of their time, stretching their vocal chords in preparation for their next performance. I couldn’t help but admire the collective effort that this group has given in sacrifice of their time and talents to support and advance a cause that has nearly dwindled to nothing, in our society. I recall the days of my youth, when all the students ran for the flagpole at the ring of the second bell. We lined up single file, placed our right palm upon our heart and all joined our teachers and principals in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag. We followed our pledge with singing “America” (Our country tis’ of thee). Come rain, come shine…nothing swayed our custom. It makes me wonder how many other memories have faded from innumerable others just like me. The scene played in my mind as fresh as yesterday, and yet, sadly it would be a foreign concept to the majority, if not all, of children in our schools today.  I was reminded this night of the pride and admiration I have for this great country. It seems as if life gets so busy, that we forget the simple wonders we’ve been afforded by the sacrifice of countless lives before us. How many freedoms do we take for granted? We may never know.
The clock ticked to 6pm, show time! The cast and crew gathered round, joined hands and bowed their heads in prayer. After their gracious requests for a good performance and the message to be delivered to all that came that night, they gave thanks and joined in “Amen”. Out the dressing room they marched…so, I made my way to the auditorium, to enjoy the concert!
The curtain slowly raised as soft shadows from hundreds of filled seats were cast upon the floor, by stage lights overhead. Eyes filled with wonder as we, as spectators watched events from hundreds of years ago come to life right before us.  Song and hymn, backed by the “rat-tat-tat” of the steel drum resounded from wall to wall. The combination of beautiful music, dramatic performance, and fine art was served as a feast for the eyes, ears, and the soul. What a wonderful opportunity to share with our children, a kindred admiration for a glorious country. We can take back what is rightfully ours, one step at a time. This was made obvious as I glanced around me at an auditorium of gathered citizens with one goal in common…to honor the “Birth of a Nation”.

“Constitution Week” closed out with a boom this past weekend when hundreds from the local community of Gilbert, AZ gathered for “The Birth of a Nation” concert, presented by Captured Miracles. The event donned trappings of American flag décor, while the halls of the event were lined with community volunteers dressed as important figures from American History. The Captured Miracles Fine Art Gallery was made available for viewing by the local community.
The concert was beautiful! It was a combination of live music, song, dramatic performance, fine art, as well as an enriching historical presentation, all wrapped in one. The fine art photography set to the musical talent of an entire cast, brought the images on screen to life. As you’re sitting in the audience listening and watching, you feel as if you’re watching something you can take ownership of. Much like cheering on a favorite sports team, many members of the audience commented on how moved and inspired they were by the presentation. After the concert, I had the privilege of interviewing several community members who are very active in our local government. Leaders from The National Federation of Republican Women, for Gilbert, as well as Mesa, Arizona attended. Margo Treece, the President of Gilbert Republican Women, and Judy Price, the chapter’s Vice President both showed their support by attending the first concert of the night. They both voiced praise of the concert and shared their motivation for stepping up and taking part in local government. “Our goal is to inform, inspire, and empower women to get involved in politics” Price shared.
Treece elaborated by sharing how the chapter supports “average Joe American grass roots” movements in the community. The Gilbert chapter has only 9 months since its inception, and there are already 60 active members. The group was featured last month in the East Valley Tribune for raising $10,000 for a local family in need.
The halls of the event were lined with local volunteers from the community, offering their time and support, just like the on-stage cast. Lois Mariner, volunteer, shared her cause for her personal contribution by simply saying “It’s something we can do to give back, to support the Constitution”.
Eddie Farnsworth, Arizona State Representative candidate for district 22 (former Representative for 8 years) and his wife Janet Farnsworth made themselves available for an on-camera interview. Eddie shared his heart of service for the community while expressing admiration for the Founding Fathers and their dedication to taking responsibility in government. The couple both expressed emotion with regard to viewing the Captured Miracles concert, Eddie added “the concert brought the pictures to life…it was inspiring”.
Favorites included the dialogue in song between “John and Abigail Adams”, who spent a great deal of time apart while exerting effort to establish a foundation for the American government. In addition, the realistic depictment of “The Bulletproof George Washington”, sent shivers down my spine to realize the vast number of near misses our first President escaped. The concert included a number of skillfully performed vignettes to live violin and piano accompaniment. The vocal talent was exceptional, with a refreshing variety of style elements, and traces of the notorious marching tempo of a course steel drum we come to associate with powerful hymns such as “Glory Hallelujah”. It was uplifting to see the local community bind together to pay homage to the efforts of our Founding Fathers. I left inspired and overjoyed to be a citizen of such a glorious country, and was reminded of how much power there is in just one voice, let alone a chorus of many.

This weekend (Friday Sept 24th) Captured Miracles travels to Billings, MT to perform at Emmanuel Baptist Church. (Click Here to purchase Tickets) The event is sure to be a treat for the community of Billings. Show your support by lighting your candle —, sign up for our Newsletter, so we can keep you updated as the message of hope is carried to other parts of our great country.  Take time today to reflect on the miracles in your life. Until next time…don’t stop believing!

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  1. Thank you, Elaina! What a captivating description of the show! So glad I’ve been able to participate, and to work with such amazing, talented people….

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