Daily Captured Miracles photo post – “The Gift”

05/14/11 | Category: Daily Captured Miracle

The Gift:

The early morning sun lit the sky with golden-yellow rays. I inhaled the cool, fresh air, and it invigorated me. The symphony of the birds’ songs filled the air. I walked through the preserve feeling the crunch of the stones beneath my feet. My soul felt alive and joyful. I turned the corner and there waited a miracle of light, reflection and composition authored by the Creator of the Universe. I stood in awe. Rooted to the spot. Perfection. So enthralled, I hesitated to raise my camera, afraid to disturb. In silence, I framed. I metered. I focused. I marveled. Tears pricked my eyes. The beauty of God’s creation took my breath away. Gratitude filled my heart for this gift. I felt God’s love for me, for nature, for all his creations. I captured a miracle and it captured my heart.

Laine Thomas – Gilbert, AZ

Photographer & Mother

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