Our Battle Cry

“Let us put aside our differences and come together as believers in a creator. That we are a moral people and a nation united under God with the ability to create miracles.”
Rev Paul Jones of Billings, Montana, put it best when he said . . .
“As a pastor and shepherd of an evangelical church, I am fully aware that there are many various churches, denominations, and faith traditions represented in these United States. But it is this very freedom, which provides for our religious differences, that is now in jeopardy…

So in order for Americans to safeguard our individual religious distinctives we are going to have to come together at a place of commonality and unity. That place can be found in the message of Captured Miracles. We hosted the concert Miracle of America, Birth of a Nation and it communicated these truths in a powerful way that it would have taken me more than 100 sermons. Beautiful music and art combined with a multi-media presentation has a way of moving the heart and speaking to the spirit in a unique and lasting manner.”

Captured Miracles’ Focus on Faith

Our focus is to create unity using the arts in the categories of faith, family and freedom. In the category of faith, we are not connected or represent any particular religion or church. We are here to create unity between all who believe in a creator. We use the 5 key traits by Benjamin Franklin, that are listed below, to help move our message of unity forward. We do however encourage all to find a faith that fits them and their families and be active in that faith, as well as in their community. Making a difference by getting involved and serving those around them, will change the hearts and lives of others and create unity all around us.

Currently we are looking for art work of all faiths to add to our collection. You may contact us HERE for more information.

Benjamin Franklin’s  creed

Franklin’s Creed shares that there are 5 key traits that are common to all sound religions. He refers to these as the “America Religion”

• Believe in one God, Creator of the Universe

• That He governs it by his Providence.

• That he ought to be worshipped.

• That the most acceptable Service we can render to him, is doing Good to his other Children.

• That the Soul of Man is immortal, and will be treated with Justice in another Life respecting its Conduct in this.

Faith Art Collection

Through the arts we can build bridges of understanding our differences, at the same time coming together on our similarities to create unity that will keep our freedoms alive.

The “Luke 2” Fine Art Photography Collection

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The “Children of God” Fine Art Photography Collection

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Art, Narrative & Musical Performance

A performance with the message of God, Family and Freedom

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“The Miracle of America, Birth of a Nation”

This book is a collection of the all the images from The Miracle of America fine art photography collection. Each image is accompanied with its inspirational, historical story. Wonderful for every member of the family and a fun and exciting way to teach about these important events in our American History. Own your copy today.

This Book is available for purchase