Captured Miracles’ Focus on Freedom

We have seen a renewing of hope in the lives of American’s whom have seen the book, collection and musical production of “The Miracle of America, Birth of a Nation”. These important works not only entertain but also excites all who experience them to learn, understand, and put into action the powerful truths our Founding Fathers left us. Truths that when followed have proven to preserve our freedoms.

Every problem our nation is experiencing today can be solved by following what the Founding Fathers created in the original documents of the Constitution of the United States and The Declaration of Independence.


In the category of Freedom, we have created a presentation of US Constitutional history through the arts. This presentation not only entertains but it also gets people excited and passionate about learning more by teaching of our Nation’s history through inspiring stories of how our freedoms came to be. With original reenactments portrayed through fine art photography and original music performed live in conjunction with these images, each of these events creates a learning atmosphere as it paints a picture that solidifies these historical events not only in our minds but in our hearts as well. The result is men and women of all ages leave these productions with a hunger to learn more about, take pride in, and have an appreciation for their heritage. They come away with a better understanding of how their freedoms came about, and how they can preserve them for generations to come.

In the same spirit, we have also created a fine art coffee table book that is not only a beautiful addition to any home, it is also a great tool in sharing these same stories with your friends, neighbors, students, children and family members. This in turn will continue to pass on our nations great legacy of heritage and freedom. The book contains every one of the unique fine art photography images as well as the accompanying stories from our highly acclaimed “Miracle of America, Birth of A Nation” series so you can literally take the visual part of the live performance home with you. We will be releasing the fully mixed CD/audio recording as well in the very near future so you can own the complete show.

This is a book and performance of hope, education and direction. Through the stories and events we share, it shows to all that our founding fathers, though not perfect, did have the experience, knowledge and faith that created our freedoms we now enjoy. Much of the content for both the book and the live performance came through a close collaboration with National Center for Constitutional Studies, NCCS. This organization is an invaluable resource that provides materials where one can easily learn from the works of the founding fathers in order to more fully understand our founding documents, how they came to be, the importance of personal and state rights, and how the government was created to preserve these rights. Having this knowledge helps us each to be more involved in keeping our freedoms alive.

In summary, so that we may continue to enjoy our freedoms for generations to come, we must put aside our differences in a spirit of unity; we must learn and appreciate the founder’s perspective and put it into practice in our families and communities so that we may live according to our own dictates as free and informed citizens, and in turn not lose all that has been preserved for us through the blood of the many who have come before us.

We ask you to join our battle cry for freedom. Come to a live performance of The Miracle of America, Birth of a Nation or see how you can get one in your area by visiting our website. Attend a seminar given by NCCS to get an in-depth study of the founder’s perspective. And when you purchase a book or print from Captured Miracles, these funds will be used in furthering our cause of spreading our message to bring this knowledge through books, prints, live performances, audio recordings and educational seminars to all Americans young and old alike.


Art, Narrative & Musical Performance

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“The Miracle of America, Birth of a Nation”

This book is a collection of the all the images from The Miracle of America fine art photography collection. Each image is accompanied with its historical story. Wonderful for every member of the family and a fun and exciting way to teach about these important events in our American History. Own your copy today.

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Art Collection

“The Miracle of America, Birth of a Nation” Fine Art Photography Collection

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