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03/01/12 | Category: Family, Feedback

I had the opportunity this week to speak with Kimberly Fletcher. Founder and President of HomeMakers for America. In talking with her and also reading their new book/e-book “Restoring our Garden of Liberty, Raising A New Generation of Patriots”. I learned how this organization of HomeMakers, is passionate and committed to taking on the responsibility of raising children to be that new generation of patriots. It inspired me, and I knew what we were doing here, at Captured Miracles, and what they are doing, compliment each other perfectly.

For 2 years, I have had the categories of Faith, Family, and Freedom on the site, and for 2 years… I have only had one fine art image in the Family category. I had not been inspired on exactly what collection to start with in the Family category… Until now. While talking with Kimberly, my creative juices started flowing and I knew that I was to have this category be represented the same way that they were. Families committed to freedom, parents raising the new generation of Patriots. I want to encourage you to read their book/e-book and share this wonderful vision with others. In the coming months I will be working on this new fine art photography collection. After reading the book and looking through their site, I would love to hear from you. I will be creating ideas to shoot and creating final images. If you have any ideas of your own and would like to share, I would love to hear from. CLICK HERE) If I use your idea, I will send you a signed print of the final image.

By Helen Thomas Robson
Captured Miracles' Co-Founder/Fine Art Photographer

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