Homes of the Founding Fathers

07/14/11 | Category: Photoshoot

I love learning and seeing anything that helps me to connect more with our founding fathers…making them more real to me. I know that is one reason why I wanted to do a fine art PHOTOGRAPHY collection. Seeing a “photo” instead of a painting of these events helps my brain to see the realness of it all. Even if it is just a re-enactment. When I ran across these links I got so excited. Seeing and learning about where they lived…their homes and personal property…gives you a sneak peak to the real them. Its another way of helping to bring it more to life.

Hope you enjoy these links as much as I have.

Helen Thomas Robson

Co-Founder & Photographer/Artist of Captured Miracles

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

George Mason’s Gunston Hall

James Madison’s Montpelier

Patrick Henry’s Red Hill

Noah Webster’s Home

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