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06/29/10 | Category: Photoshoot

Hi everyone, I’m in the talent and prop search mode again. I am doing a shoot on the “Bullet Proof George Washington” story (click here for Story) from the French and Indian War. I’m way excited about this because I have wanted to do it for 3 years not. It is a WWWAAAYYYY ambitious shoot, hence the reason I had not done it yet. Heaven’s!!!! Try finding and Arabian white horse, colonial english saddles and a young George Washington actor that knows how to ride, while the horse is on its hind legs….Believe it or not.ALL GLORY to GOD…We actually found that…. We are going to feature it at our Art exhibit/Music and Spoken Word Concert at the Mesa Freedom Celebration. We are putting on a FREE concert in the AIR CONDITIONED, beautiful NEW Mesa Art Center on main street in down town Mesa, AZ. We will have 2 shows a night at 6:15 pm and 7:30pm on friday and saturday July 2nd and 3rd… Hows that for a little PLUG 🙂

But seriously I’m on a hunt for some other random items that don’t make since that they would be found in AZ…but I know they are here. We found the other things so far right!!!

The biggest thing I’m looking for …

  • I need around 10 (give or take) British military 1700 re-enactors.I know that they are out there. I have found pics in my internet searches…i just can not find contact info to the right people. I’m looking for the “RED COATS” uniforms. If there are Revolutionary RED military re-enactors…those will work cause they are almost the same thing.
  • Along with these we need the muskets(guns) that they used.

Here is the other crazy thing … I’m shooting one of these shoots on thursday and the other half within the next week. So that I can get it done in time for the 4th of July.

For the Shoot sometime in the next week.

  • I will be needing 10 young Caucasian guys to be the soldiers…16-late 20’s or at least look in that age.


  • Need 3 Indian men (teens to 30’s age will work great) may need an older man for the chief as well (50-70yrs)
  • Indian warrior clothes and every day Indian clothes for the 1700’s
  • 2 Caucasian men in their 30’s to play colonial men in everyday dress (I have costumes already)

Any help or leads are so welcomed please let me know. thanks.

ALSO if you have already contacted me that you would like to be in a shoot and you fit any of these descriptions…please email me anyway and let me know you are interested. It will help me save time.

Below is a video to show you what the uniformed soldiers and the Indians look like costume wise.

Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T33NCbQzOIg&feature=player_embedded

EMAIL your information to helen@capturedmiracles.org

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