Mathematical Art…with Snowshoes and a basic Camera

12/09/12 | Category: Talents of all kinds

I get approached all the time by others saying “Oh I wish that I had a talent, or that I could be creative.” I always respond back with “You don’t have to paint, draw, dance or sing to be talented or creative. Then I will bring up how even math is a talent and can be creative and make a difference…I never imagined anything like what I am about to share with you. Tonight I got an email from my mother… who is an artist and photographer too. She is always sharing creative things with me. I was not expecting to see this…but I was in so much awwhhh and I thought “Wow this takes what I tell people about math being a talent and creative, to a whole new level. I just had to share it with you. I love that he does it to also make a difference with his own physical health.


Let me introduce you to…

Artist Simon Beck

He must really love the cold weather! Along the frozen lakes of Savoie, France, he spends days plodding through the snow in raquettes (snowshoes), creating these sensational patterns of snow art. Working for 5-9 hours a day, each final piece is typically the size of three soccer fields! The geometric forms range in mathematical patterns and shapes that create stunning, sometimes 3D, designs when viewed from higher levels.

How long these magnificent geometric forms survive…

Well, it completely dependent on the weather. Beck designs and redesigns the patterns as new snow falls, sometimes unable to finish a piece due to significant overnight accumulations. Interestingly enough, he said….

‘The main reason for making them…

was because I can no longer run properly due to problems with my feet, so plodding about on level snow is the least painful way of getting exercise. Gradually, the reason has become photographing them, (I REALLY LOVE WHAT HE SAYS HERE, because beautiful art/photographs do not depend on a fancy camera) and I am considering buying a better camera.” Spectacular art for the sake of exercise!

I would love to hear back from any of you that have a talent that you would like to share that is totally out of this world.:) Send me an email with pictures or explaining what it is you do that is creative, unique and makes a difference to yourself or others. (send it to with “unique talent” talent in the subject line)


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