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As a “DAILY CAPTURED MIRACLE” post, I wanted to offer this as a “GRAB AND SHARE” image. Please feel free to re-post, pin, and share with others. I found this quote by Albert Einstein. It jumped out at me as what I wanted to really create with the idea of “Daily Captured Miracles” posts. I have to admit, I am not the best at posting something everyday…as you well know from past posts on this blog…or even on FaceBook. I really want to work on getting to where I have an image that I created or someone else created that are reminders of all the miracles that happen in our lives daily….whether they be big or small. Personally I want to do this to be a daily reminder to myself of all the amazing blessing I and my family have been given. And hopefully inspire others to feel the same way.

“THE INSIDE SCOOP” on this image

This image above is called “MIRACLE”. The story behind it is actually an amazing story of faith and love.

This precious little baby is truly a MIRACLE baby, and belongs to a very dear friend of mine, Aimee. (She was my assistant for most of the shoots that became “The Children of God Collections”.)

When Aimee was in the early stages of her pregnancy, she was told by the doctors that her baby had the top part of her brain missing that connect the left and right sides together, and that the front lobes were fused together. That this was very rare and that babies with similar conditions only had a 5% chance of being born alive, and if the baby made it that far a 20% of living. Even then there was no way of them knowing if the baby would be a vegetable or a genius if it survived birth.

Prayers and fasting played a huge part in their lives those 9 months. She also received a special blessing, and in that blessing she was promised that her baby would live a normal life and that this little one had picked her to be her mother, friend and teacher in this life. Aimee held on to and had faith in those words, every time she was with the doctors as they would tell her the statistics she had to look forward too of her baby not making it.

The day came for the birth, and every specialist to could think of was in the room waiting, not knowing what to expect. But Aimee and her family had faith that all was well. After the baby was born alive and they had finished all their examinations and tests the Doctors were shocked at how normal everything was, yet the cat scan showed the same results they had already diagnosed. They were shocked that this child was still alive. “She must be blind” they said… After further test they still found nothing wrong. Finally they let Aimee and her husband take their new little one home…with the words. “Enjoy this time…there is a 20% chance of survival past 2 months.

This shot was taken at 3 months old. I ran into Aimee’s husband a year and a half later. He informed me that they just did another CAT Scan and found that the brain had completely healed itself and was normal like any other brain. The doctors said they had no explanation for it…but he and his wife knew that it was faith, prayers, fasting and a promise for the Lord that created and saved this little MIRACLE.

I was so happy that I could be a part of it in a small way by “Capturing” it with my camera not only as a reminder to myself, but as a reminder to everyone of the miracles that can and do happen in our lives.

Helen Thomas Robson



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