My Friend

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“My Friend”

Fine Art Photography By

Helen Thomas Robson

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My Friend

I feel so lost, not knowing which way to go, who to follow, who to trust. Hopelessness sets into my soul and I feel myself screaming from within. “Why me? Why this? Why now? No one cares or can understand…who would want to understand? I give up”. . .  with those words I feel myself sinking quickly into the cold, dark abyss of hopelessness. Suddenly I feel a gentle touch on my shoulder and it jolts me back from the emptiness  enveloping my soul. “What was that? I’m alone. . .  I’m always alone.” As I turn, my clouded vision reveals a long lost friend. Someone I thought gave up on me. My soul fills with hope as I realize HE is here. . . for me! HE has always been here. Not to judge or place blame, but to love, to listen, to feel, to understand me and my inner most thoughts.  As we talk I am drawn into His eyes and at that moment I know HE will forever be by my side, for HE is my friend.

by Helen Thomas Robson
Story &  Fine Art Photograph



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