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01/30/11 | Category: Testimonials

We are excited to add a new addition to our site…our new Testimonials page. Not only that but you can submit testimonials of your experience with Captured Miracles two collections of art, concert and new book that is hot off the press. To start it off we would love to share a testimonial we just got from Mayor John Lewis of Gilbert, Arizona.


“The performance of ‘The Miracle of America’ uses song, historical stories, photography and video to positively rouse the soul. Of the many productions that I have attended to remind me of the blessing of freedom, this is one of the best. I appreciate the book which brings back the emotions that I felt as I witnessed the miracles that were part of the formation of our new country. The need to continue the cause of freedom was deeply impressed in my heart. To those involved in musical program and the inspiring book, your spirit of patriotism is a blessing.”

Mayor John Lewis,

Mayor of Gilbert, Arizona


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