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06/29/10 | Category: Photoshoot

At request…actually reminder of my sweet friend Monica, I finished this shot that has 3 of her 4 children in it. I thought it might take me a couple more days to finish it, but when I pulled it up tonight it was basically done.

But I do need some help with it. Cropping and titling it, any Ideas?

First of all I am trying to decide on the cropping of the shot. I love the long narrow look. A favorite style of mine always. I also tend to lean more toward tight shots. I just love them cause it gets you up close and personal with the emotions in the shot. I have Three choices…Originally I envisioned the shot as Option A, a full length shot. I usually like to stick with what has been envisioned cause I feel that it is inspiration. But I do have to admit that I am afraid that the shot is so far back that you don’t get what is going on it it. The shot is of siblings being separated from each other and they are grasping for each other to pull themselves back together as a family. With Christ in the middle holding them together. This can represent a number of meanings. Divorces, sibling separation through foster care, a family dealing with addictions. Unseen forces tearing families apart. If you look closely you can see hands fading into the darkness as they are pulling the children apart from each other.

The kids in this shoot did a great job in showing the different emotions that anyone would have in this situation.
I love that the oldest brother has a very protective look on his face…ready to take on anyone and anything that would tear his family apart. The baby reaching for her older sister…wow, when she did that in the shoot I knew that was the shot. How amazing that she would reach like that…she is 1yrs old. Amazing.
The younger brother concerned and the two older sisters reaching so desperately for each other as if to say “don’t take them away from me. ”

I loved doing this shoot. The thought of siblings separated from each other tears at my heart. I can’t imagine not having my own my 2 sisters in my life.

I only hope that the photo reads well to the viewer seeing it for the first time. What do you think when you first see it? I wonder if the tighter shot helps you understand the photo better.

Please share with your ideas and feelings. I am also looking for a title for this work. I was playing with “For Time” or ” Only But A Moment”, because through Christ our afflictions can be but a moment in comparsion to all his other blessing and life we have ahead of us with him. That on this earth it is a moment compared to eternity with our families in the here after.

Please leave a comment, I would love to get input on thoughts and ideas.





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