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08/31/11 | Category: classes, Photography Event, Photoshoot

We had a great photo SHOOT! class on saturday. We will be posting images our students shot during the class, next week after we get them all in from them. Until then thought I would share a couple pictures from the instructors that taught with me. This first shot is on that I did. I was teaching a class on “Styling and Production” I taught on how to start from scratch and end with a final image….and decided to blend some of my fashion/editorial photography background (my previous industry) with fine art photography background I do now at Captured Miracles….”Ms Viola” below was the end result of that shoot saturday.

Ms Viola By Helen Thomas Robson

CLICK HERE and it will take you to our SHOOT Blog that has the other instructor’s  images. ENJOY!!!

Helen Thomas Robson
Photographer/Artist with the Captured Miracles Team

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