We are currently having problems with our site and are also transitioning over to a new storefront, please CLICK HERE OR to access and purchase prints and greeting cards.

Please take note, we have left the shopping area open as we are adding prints to the store front to purchase. There are so many prints that need to be uploaded to the new store front, if you have a print that you would like to purchase that is not showing in the shopping area, you many call 931-641-0061 or email to request the image be uploaded to the storefront sooner, so that you may order it.


ATTENTION: Any of the links on this site leading to purchase the book "The Miracle of America" are not working at this time. Once you get to the shopping cart it will not let you check out...SO to order copies of "The Miracle of America" book PLEASE CALL 931-641-0061 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER by phone.


Thank you for your understanding

Helen Thomas Robson

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