Prop search for founding father shoot

08/02/10 | Category: Photoshoot

We are in search for props we can barrow for a shoot we are doing on friday, August 6th, in Mesa, AZ. These will be the final shots needed for the founding fathers series on the constitution “The Miracle of America”. If you can help us out with the use of any of these items email “prop for friday’s shoot” at info@capturedmiracles.orgĀ  with a picture of the and explanation of the prop. Thank you so much for your help.

-2 bails of hay

-old antique looking patch worked quilt

-old lantern (candle or oil)from that 1700 time period

-2 old trunks that would be used for packing books or clothes back in the founding fathers days.

antique bedspread

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  1. I have al these items I’m in South Carolina and have recourses for most anything including livestock

    • Thank you that is wonderful to know. At this moment I do not have a shoot I am working on. We are getting the marketing and site revamped. I will definitely hold on to your info for future shoots I am doing. Thank you so much. Please join our email list so we can stay connected with you.

      thank you
      Helen Thomas Robson

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