The Price of Freedom – “you fight to save your brother by your side”

03/20/12 | Category: Daily Captured Miracle, Helen Thomas Robson Entry, Miracle of America

I saw this amazing production, “The Price of Freedom”, by the very talented Rob Gardner, a couple of years ago. Just tonight I was watching one of the clips from it. This particular one is a favorite…for few reasons, one being that it has one of my favorite performers singing in it. Aaron Ballard, he also plays the role of our very own George Washington, in our production “The Miracle of America”.

Another reason why this performance hit me so hard, is that it is so close to home now. I am now officially an army wife of 4 month…still fresh and new with this new army life, but wow, when you have a loved one out there, especially your sweetheart, you have a new perspective on everything. As an individual, mother, couple and family, this cause of freedom means everything to our little, growing family. Now as an army family we live it everyday in our home with daddy out there protecting our liberties. Each day it hits me in different ways just how important it is, and it keeps me moving forward in the pursuit of protecting and bringing attention to those liberties.

I do have to admit, yes, as a mother of little ones, running the house hold now, Captured Miracles, my art, and church. All these responsibilities do get overwhelming. I find myself wondering, “How I am going to do it all?” I do feel the Lord’s help and miracles happening everyday, each time they do I know that I must… we all need to keep moving forward. It is so important, with this cause of Captured Miracles, that we put aside differences and come together, and that we use our individual talents to strengthen faith, family and freedom.

When I heard the words in this song, “you fight to save your brother by your side”, that is why I keep going, why my husband does…why we all keep going. That is part of the price of freedom. Even when it gets hard, I will keep doing my part to help save my children, family, friends, loved ones. So we can all continue to have those liberties that our Founding Fathers sacrificed so much for us to have.

I want to thank all those that are fighting by my side, my husband Rusty, Kirsten Millsap, Bill Norton, Bob Gunnell, Brian Trotter, Kimberly Fletcher, wow there are too many to name them all, the whole cast and crew of The Miracle of America, and all others out there doing your part, thank you everyone for fighting by my side.

Helen Thomas Robson

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