To Become Parents (of The Savior)

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I had been carrying this child in my womb for 9 months and 2 days.

I reflected on the moments when I was by myself, and would look down at my enormously pregnant belly, wrap my arms around it, and tearfully smile for how excited I was to meet the tiny boy growing inside of me. He would be a brand new person, unlike anyone else who had ever walked on this earth. I wondered what he would look like–the color of his hair, his eyes, the shape of his chin, his ears, his hands and feet. Would he resemble me at all? Or would he look more like his father?

It was time to find out.

As I lay there feeling my abdomen contract, I concentrated on my breath. The pain radiated down through my legs and was so excruciating that I couldn’t keep silent. I pushed like everything depended on it. I pushed as hard as I could, and then pushed harder. Capillaries in my eyes burst from the strain. Again and again for over an hour, I yelled and cried as I exhausted every ounce of strength I possessed to bring that infant into this world.

Tears streamed down my face as he was laid on my chest. He was full of life and energy, crying and flailing about in this foreign environment. I held him close and wept for joy. The moment I spoke he quieted down and turned his face to look at mine. My son knew my voice!

I had joined the ranks of motherhood, a position revered and respected by God himself.

I suddenly came to understand God’s love for me on a new level as I felt my love for my own child overwhelm me. As I held my infant boy in my arms for that first time, I knew I had been given a beautiful gift that would change me forever. I also knew that I had a great responsibility placed upon my shoulders. God saw fit to entrust this specific child to me, to love and to teach him. As much as he was His, he was now mine too.

–Janae Pettit             

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What must it have been like to become parents of the Savior of mankind?

In her fair beauty and innocence, Mary had been shunned by all upon finding herself pregnant prior to her marriage. Surely it appeared to be something it wasn’t, and she was judged harshly by others for those circumstances. But she knew who she was, who her Father in Heaven was, and who she gave birth to on that remarkable day many centuries ago. She had a faith and an understanding unlike anything anyone else will ever be required to have.

And what of Joseph’s experience? Engaged to be married to a beautiful woman whom he had come to care deeply about, and to endure the criticisms and cruelty of others who assumed the worst of him. He may have had fears, second thoughts, or doubts, as any mortal man would, but Joseph remained loyal and faithful to Mary. His unwavering faith in God’s plan demonstrated admirable courage and humility. This son was not even his own flesh and blood, yet Joseph honorably filled the role as Christ’s earthly father.


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