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WOW is the only word I can think of the describe all the amazing things that are happening with Captured Miracles. I know that all glory and credit goes to God because some of the events that are taking place, and the people we are being put in contact with….AND how we are coming into contact and knowledge of each other are truly and obviously miracles from Him.

First exciting bit of news is that we are putting together a series of concerts that will be music, art and spoken word. The first will be on the 4th of July. Mesa City is doing a HUGE 4th of July Celebration and we will be showing our Concert on our Heritage and the Declaration of Independence, as well as doing an art show of the first phase of our new Founding Fathers Collection. I have a few new pieces I have finished that I will give you a sneak peak of in this post. BUT to see the rest you will need to come to the concert and art exhibit in Downtown Mesa on the 2nd and 3rd of July. God’s blessings are pouring out with the creation of this collection and the concert. The amazing passionate and talented people that are finding out what we are doing with the art and concerts. And wanting to be a part of it…WOW it really testifies of His hand in all of this. In the next couple of weeks I will be able to unveil more info to you. But for now TRUST me and save the dates to bring your family out to the shows. We will have more info on times of the shows etc soon. Keep checking back.

So here are the two new images that I promised to put in this post. I will also put the creation stages in as well since I know that it is fun to see how they all come together.

This is the print of the Committee of the Five. After Thomas Jefferson wrote the rough draft, there were 60 changes made to his original document. It took Thomas Jefferson 16 of the 17 days to write just the first 2 paragraphs. Here is where he focused on putting the “Ancient Principles” in the document. Interestingly enough 60 changes where made to the Declaration, but not one change was made with the original 2 paragraphs with the “Ancient Principles”. I thought it was also interesting that Jefferson tried to address the issue of slavery at this time. In his home “country” of Virginia, his idea was to eliminate slavery by declaring that every new baby born, be born free. With this you could eliminate slavery completely and at a gradual pace within one generation. At a pace that the country, people, economics could adapt with… but unfortunately it was to way-forward thinking for the people and the nation…they were not ready for this type of change yet.

What are the Ancient Principles?

“While studying the history of ancient Israel, Jefferson made a significant discovery. He saw that at one time the Israelites had practiced the earliest and most efficient form of representative government. As long as the Israelites followed their fixed pattern of constitutional principles, they flourished. When they drifted from it, disaster overtook them. Jefferson thereafter referred to this constitutional pattern as the ‘ancient principles.’
“Jefferson was also surprised to find that the Anglo-Saxons somehow got hold of some of these ‘ancient principles’ and followed a pattern almost identical to that of the Israelites, until around the eighth century AD. It is interesting that when Jefferson was writing his drafts for the Virginia constitution he was already emphasizing the need to return to the ‘ancient principles.'” (The Making of America, pp. 27-28)

Stage 1 the original photo with all the modern day doodads of electrical cords along the floor boards, light bulbs on the candles and men without side burns and sloppy table cloths that hang weird. I purposely shot most of this series a little on the dark side. I do this so that I can play with it a little more with I do my burn and dodge tool method. Its quite a change for me. With my back ground in fashion photography my favorite style of shooting is to blow things out with light. Make them way bright. It is fun how see how different the look is with that one change.

Stage 2 all cosmetically fixed up and de-modernized…and men with side burns and fixed hair lines. Oh and a wick instead of a light bulb.

Stage 3 adding the glow to the Declaration of Independence

Final Stage…my favorite part…adding character. I love doing drastic contrast and my favorite way of doing it is with the burn and dodge tool. I love to use it like a paint brush and add the lights and darks.

Caesar Rodney’s story is about sacrifice and his all night ride through a storm to be the last signature needed for the Declaration to be a unanimous Declaration. He had cancer in his face which he always wore a black velvet patch over. He was suppose to go to Europe and get treatment but he never left the states because he wanted to stay back and help with the Continental CongressÂ…his vote is the one that made it an unanimous declaration. We would not of had the unanimous declaration of independence if it was not for his vote. He died not long after because he never received the proper treatment he needed in Europe for his cancer and he never fully recovered from the ride he made that night to get there in time to sign the Declaration of Independence.

This picture is of Caesar Rodney (far right) running in, drenched from the storm and John Hancock (far left) and John Adams (center) are showing him the Declaration of Independence just before he signed it.

Stage 1 the original picture at Independence Hall Replica at Knott’s Berry Farms in California

Stage 2 this is were I do all cosmetic changes. I moved John Adam’s hair line forward and fixed were his jacket and pants came together. it looked a little odd how it cut into the pants. Then I added the dirt with layers and textures and exaggerated the dirt and cuts and blood on his face with the dodge and burn tool. Oh yes and adding a 5 o’clock shadow. Oh and added a drenched soaked coat over Rodney’s arm that I took from another shot.

Stage 3 is when I did my color correcting and changes. I also added textures with a couple different painting filters.

Step 4 The FINAL Image. This is the last touches of the background filter being added and the signature

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